Enabling cross-platform functionality in your game doesn't just mean making the game accessible to players on different platforms. It's not just about making sure your game’s features work on all of the supported platforms either. Players can truly enjoy the full cross-platform gaming experience by having a gameplay that's adjusted to their behavior and progress, which will keep them coming back for the enjoyment of continuous progression. To realize that, good player data collection and management is essential.

Player Data Management for Cross-Platform Games


In order to enable cross-play functionality, you need to connect players from different platforms in a united player pool. You can do this by having a centralized account system (that you can manage and monitor) that covers all of the platforms that your game supports. When you have a unified account system, you have easy access to important player data such as username, online/offline status, or region/language/currency, no matter what platform your players are using.

By using a centralized account management system, you can also store all of a player’s gameplay progress in one cloud storage that can be easily called by different platforms. This allows a player’s save data to be accessed by different clients—the foundation of cross-platform play and progression. Having centralized player data storage isn’t only useful for single player games. You can also use this concept in multiplayer games where players on different platforms gather to build a world together over time. In this scenario, players can work independently but the changes they make affects everyone in the group.


In games where the players level up and grow stats, not only you need to store the game checkpoint data, but also players’ stat growth. To allow players to access the same account on different platforms, their stat data needs to be accessible on all of supported platforms. One way to achieve this is to store the data in the cloud instead of local storage. That way, when the player logs into the game on a different platform, their stat growth from other platforms is included. After all, cross-progression gaming is all about having player data updated and accessible on all the platforms your game supports.

Having player stats stored neatly and accessible by your game services can play a huge part in your gameplay. With the data, you can implement not only rank/score based matchmaking (matching players according to the leaderboard/tiers), but also stats/skill based matchmaking (matching players according to the stats/skill score). Taking care to implement a matchmaking system that ensures players are matched fairly based on their skill/rank is critical to maximize player engagement by making sure newer players aren’t scared off by veterans.

Cloud Save

There are many advantages that come with storing your players’ data in the cloud. With our auto-scaling backend services for user profiles, stats, and cloud saves running in the cloud service of your choice, you can easily scale your storage up or down to ensure maximum performance while remaining cost effective. Our partnership with major cloud providers (Google and AWS) means that you’ll have access to the best of technologies to keep your backend running smoothly.

By using our player data management service, you can store your players’ data neatly in the cloud hosting solution of your choice, and allow that data to be easily called by game clients on different platforms. Storing player stats in the cloud also makes it harder for players to cheat the game—they cannot 'boost' their character's stats by simply changing the save/stats file stored locally. Using the stats data stored in the cloud, the game can compare the data in the local file to the one in the cloud and update the local file as needed.

Even better, when you sign up for our services, your player data will be yours alone to manage and analyze. We never have access to your player data without your permission, meaning that you have sole access to complete information about every one of your players without having to deal with a middleman.