We now support a subscription model to monetize video games. From an intuitive dashboard, your game administrator can choose whether to include one game or a bundle of games in a subscription plan. The administrator can even mix and match games from different game developers to fit a particular event or marketing strategy.

Video Game Marketing Strategy - Subscription Plan

Administrators can also view and manage the list of subscribers. The player data that is stored includes the payment status, payment method, renewal date schedule, and whether a subscription is initialized, active, or canceled. With this support, along with our other administrative features, it is easier to run the game’s live ops. Moreover, the player data completely belongs to the you, which gives you total control over your players and more freedom to set pricing for your games and game bundles.

This subscription feature of AccelByte Cloud is perfect if a game publisher is looking for a way to engage with players who’d like an option to try games without buying them at full price. Subscription plans can also be an alternative to running a conventional promotion or campaign—be it for a new game release or to regain engagement for older games.

The subscription demo can be found here. Any questions regarding this new feature can be sent directly to hello@accelbyte.io.